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Recent Performance Released

Just wanted to let everyone know, the project I worked on all last year has finally been launched as a podcast: 

Serve It Cold.

I play two characters (Narlene and Vera).  My friend Eric does many more of the voices.  (See the cast page here.)  The book is a funny mystery-noir piece set in New Orleans and Mississippi.

This is formatted as an audiobook / radio play.  It was quite fun to do and I hope you'll subscribe!!!
over top of glasses

A random stranger made my day.

I would like to send mad propz out to the guy in front of me in the salad line at Cosi, at 19th and K today.

You see, I had walked to Cosi for lunch, as I was in the mood to try one of their new salads. When I got there, I discovered the line was out the door. I'd never seen this before! People snaking out the door and down the sidewalk for an overpriced salad? Get outta town!

Still, I got in line, figuring it was for salads and not sammies, since the salad line is always longer. I didn't even bother to ask, I just did it. Turns out I was right, though there was some confusion on the part of other patrons, and most of us joked around with each other about it.

The guy in front of me was someone I had noticed as soon as I got there. He walked up just moments before me: young, light-skinned African American, slightly taller than me, broad shouldered, well-dressed, and apparently well-mannered. We joked briefly about the line sitch, and then he theorized that it was likely that long due to "the coupon."

"What coupon?"

"The one in today's paper."

"Oh. I don't usually get the paper. Oh well!"

You see, I really wasn't that bothered. Sometimes something like that will rankle, to think that I might miss out on a good deal, but today I was not phased. I entered into a reverie about this, reminding myself that today I was practicing the theory that what you put into the Universe is what you'll get out of it, so I was letting stuff roll off my back, smiling at random strangers, you name it. I was putting happy cheerfulness into the Universe because damn if I didn't need some happy cheerfulness in my own life. I have to say, it seems to have worked -- I snapped out of it in time to realize he was speaking to me:

"If you hold my place in line, I'll go get you one."

"Okay, sure!"

He'd spied some Washington Express papers nearby, went to get one, returned to line, dug into his jeans pocket to give me *his* coupon, and then tore out another coupon for himself out of the paper.

I was touched by the gesture, and thanked him, saying "Cool! Thanks so much!"

We then continued to amiably comment from time to time during the rest of the (fairly lengthy) process of ordering, paying, etc. We each got in separate cashier lines, and I finished first, so on my way out, I said "Hey, thanks again!" He said "no problem" or something and added a "take care" or "have a good one" or something. I wished him the same and made my way out, only thinking afterwards that maybe I should've at least given him my name. (If not my number! But that would be more forward than I am used to being.)

I smiled all the way back to the office, and my day proceeded to go up from there.

So thank you, Mr. Cosi Coupon Hero -- your small gesture of kindness toward a stranger really made a difference today.

And I think I'll keep practicing this whole "What you put into the Universe is what you'll get out of it" thing, because DAMN if it didn't work today! *smile*